This last week at Shawnee High School

I have some very sad news to share. As a freshman, I don’t know the entire senior class like the back of my hand, but there is a name that I will remember, and it isn’t for a good reason. This last Sunday, the day after Homecoming, a guy named Jon Andrews died from committing suicide. It has affected the entire school, and it is a sad thing to even hear about, let alone write about. There was a viewing yesterday that was open to the public at one of the churches near the school (Jon attended a different church), and the funeral was today. There will be a balloon release at 6 pm at the soccer field, which was the location he was at last, as well as a lot of his memories. The events that have happened this last week have made us stronger as a community. We are now Shawnee Strong. If you are someone who lives in this area, or you would like to simply support our community as we recover from this tragic event, please use #ShawneeStrong on social media, as many others have. You can event comment it to support us. Thank you.


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