Science Olympiad

My life has been filled with a lot of different clubs, activities, and organizations. Among these are/have been D3 Honors Band*, Pep Band*, Jazz Band, the Lima Area Youth Orchestra, Science Olympiad, German Club, The Chief Newspaper, Student Government, Boy Scouts, and the Order of the Arrow, to name a few.

*Has since ended

As far as Science Olympiad goes, I have been very busy. When I started out, I was originally doing three events– Electric Vehicle, Dynamic Planet, and Disease Detectives. Seeing how I have not performed the way I wanted to in Disease Detectives, I dropped the event altogether in an effort to keep my sanity, due to the number of activities I am involved in (see paragraph 1). That left me with Electric Vehicle and Dynamic Planet.

I was working with the same person, Nicole (name changed for privacy), on both Electric Vehicle and Dynamic Planet. As a freshman, this was my first year in Division C, and I wanted to make an impression. I was told that it wouldn’t work out for Electric Vehicle, so I went off to search for another partner. I was going to work with an upperclassman who does events like Electric Vehicle, but didn’t due to a communication mishap. I ended up going stag for Electric Vehicle, relying on warm bodies (people to just be my partner for the competition) to help me during the event.

As for Dynamic Planet, I was supposed to work on it with Nicole, but then I didn’t, since Nicole was involved in so many other events, now totaling five (the maximum is six). I ended up alone for that event as well.

The week before our first invitational of the year at Wright State University, I took on Astronomy with a different partner. It seemed like a good option, except for the fact that I did not study at all. I didn’t study for Dynamic Planet, either.

The day of the Wright State Invitational, I was prepared for my building event, but as far as the study events I took on (Dynamic Planet and Astronomy), I was a total mess. Electric Vehicle was terrible due to a misinterpretation of the rules by the people hosting the event, who I will keep private at this time. By the time it became known to them, it was too late. It could’ve saved me a few points, but I still ended up getting 10th individually. As for Astronomy, I didn’t help much, and all the questions I answered came out wrong. Dynamic Planet was interesting because I had a front and a back page of notes, plus some light studying the night before. I got 29th place alone, which I would say is relatively good considering the group working together on the other team from my school got 26th place.

Looking back, I could’ve done a lot better at Wright State, but it was still a good day. Plus, I made some friends with the people on Mentor’s team, whom I have been talking to since the invitational. Good luck to them as they compete in their regional event this Saturday, the 20th.

Speaking of Saturday, we have another invitational at New Albany. This invitational is one of my favorites because it is ran at a school that is really good at Science Olympiad, and they have a beautiful campus that has both their middle school and high school. The only downside is that there is no food allowed in the homeroom for each team. I am feeling very confident that I will do better at New Albany.

The other thing about New Albany is that I have been switched to a different team, I have dropped an event, and I have taken on a new one. I got rid of Astronomy, took on Game On (programming a game using MIT’s Scratch program), and I kept Dynamic Planet and Electric Vehicle. The events on the A team for my school are Game on and Electric Vehicle. Dynamic Planet, on the other hand, has stayed on the B team, which is usually for freshman and sophomores. I am proud of my progress this year, and I can’t wait to compete this Saturday!

The biggest challenge for New Albany is that our team has to host the building event category that I am in– vehicles. We are running Electric Vehicle, as well as Scrambler (division B), and we have never done that before. I am interested in seeing how they run the event this Saturday. There have been some times where we made a mock track to see how the system runs, and I hope we do well running the event, since it is a very regulated event to run.

As far as Game On goes, I took it on last week to help fill in the events. There is a maximum of fifteen people per team, and this means that the team members need at least two events. I have not been able to work with my partner actively, but I have some great ideas that will work out at the competition.

To conclude, I can’t wait for the rest of Science Olympiad, as it is taking up most of my time. After New Albany, we have regionals in March, and hopefully State Science Olympiad at OSU in April. More updates to come soon.


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